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F9: The Fast Saga delivers all the same absurdity and hilariously improbable action that the franchise has become famous for in recent years, creating a number of plot holes and continuity errors along the way. Nitpicking a Fast and Furious movie for consistency and believability might seem like a fool’s errand, but the series has actually done a decent job through the years of justifying its various wild occurrences within its own less-than-realistic rules. But even still, there are some things in F9 that simply break the series’ established continuity.

It’s no secret that Fast and Furious is far from realistic, and in fairness, most of the things that happen in F9 could be categorized as plot holes if looked at through a strictly logical lens. How does Dom manage to collapse a concrete bunker on his head, plummet into a pool of water far below him, and still survive? How does the crew manage to outrun landmine explosions when that is physically impossible? How do Roman and Tej manage to find the International Space Station in the vast expanse of Earth’s orbit? The simple answer is that these aren’t plot holes. They’re perfectly sensical happenings in the world of Fast and Furious – a comic book world where people survive impossible things and wield superhuman abilities

What’s less excusable in F9 are the actual plot holes, the continuity errors that clash with what’s already been established as true in the universe of the Fast franchise. There are a number of them throughout the movie, some of which can be partially explained with enough effort, and some of which simply don’t make sense.

Why Did Dom Never Mention Jakob?

The biggest apparent plot hole in F9 is the introduction of Jakob Toretto (John Cena), Dom and Mia’s estranged brother. Jakob was never mentioned once in the franchise before the first trailer for F9 released, and because of Dom’s intense family values, many fans took the mere existence of Jakob as a huge plot hole. It’s somewhat explainable through the film’s own logic, however. Since Dom values family so much, cutting his brother out of his life would necessitate a severe level of erasure. In other words, rejecting Jakob is at odds with Dom’s own morals, so he has to act as if Jakob is dead, or never existed, to live with his decision. That makes Jakob’s previous invisibility a bit more believable, but it’s still a significant continuity error.

Where Is Dom, Mia And Jakob’s Mother?

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