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Escape Room: Tournament of Champions, popularly known as Escape Room 2, was another movie that faced multiple hurdles along its way. Originally scheduled for a release in April 2020, Escape Room 2 finally made it to the silver screen despite getting postponed and preponed multiple times.

Escape Room 2 was released in Australia on July 1st, 2021, while most countries will have to wait a little to catch the movie in theatres. As most production houses are going for the hybrid option these days, there is visible confusion among viewers regarding the movie’s online release. Remember: selected canadian citizens stuck in the US and UK can use a VPN to access the full film free trial without being blocked. We recommend

How to watch Escape Room 2 with a VPN

Escape Room: Tournament of Champions arrives on screens in the US and UK on July 16th but stream is not available. While Escape Room 2 stream is available all across the world, it’s not available around the U.S and UK. If you live in the U.S, UK and trying to watch Escape Room 2 stream, you’ll need a VPN, which can help your device appear to be somewhere else.

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Escape Room: Tournament of Champions arrives on screens in the US and UK on July 16th, 2021 while release dates around the world differ depending on country.

A sequel to 2019’s Escape Room, Tournament of Champions continues the stories of Zoey Davies and Ben Miller as they are thrust into another series of deadly escape rooms.

Their aim is to bring down the Minos Corporation behind the fatal attractions but they must work together with other escape room survivors if they are to have any hope of putting an end to this murderous game once and for all.

Escape Room: Tournament of Champions will be available to watch exclusively in theatres when it releases on July 16th.

That’s right, to watch the Escape Room sequel, fans will have to venture out to the cinema as the film will not be available to stream on any of the major streaming services including Netflix, HBO Max or Amazon Prime Video.

Those reading from the US can check out which venues will be screening the film here while UK fans can do the same here.

What is Escape Room: Tournament of Champions About?

‘Escape Room: Tournament of Champions’ is set after the events of the first film in which siblings Zoey and Ben survive the grueling escape room challenges they are put through. The siblings decide to take down the Minos Escape Rooms Corporation (MERC), which designed the escape rooms that caused the deaths of many people. On their way to New York City, the siblings are inadvertently caught in a trap that returns them to the harrowing escape rooms. Only this time, they are with the survivors of other escape rooms. All the survivors must work together while also trying to figure out a way to take down MERC once and for all.

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